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MBW Locks

MBW Locks

- Sports Betting

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Militant Money

Militant Money

- Investing & trading markets - Affiliate marketing -Advanced financial literacy - Decentralized finance , NFTS - Blockchain 101 -Web 3.0

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Billionaire Bread Bundle

Billionaire Bread Bundle

-1on1 coaching -Mindset development -Spiritual development/meditation -Credit growth hacks -Vending machine business -Business development -Public speaking -Artificial Intelligence -Marketing 

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Networking Opportunities !

The best thing about our server is that you'll join over 500 other hustlers & business owners on a journey to grow your business, finances, and mentality on the investing world. You'll have a troop on standby for any needs & feedback.

Multiple Sources of Education !

Although our server is heavily focused on trading & investing education, we also have seminars throughout the week for establishing good credit, understanding social media marketing, and focusing on the abundance mentality. More sauce than college at a fraction of the price!

24/7 Solution Based Community !

Unlike most servers we have MULTIPLE influencers, business owners, and traders who are dedicated to guiding you effectively, while answering your most common questions. The mission for our people is to be part of a community that grows financially and spiritually wealthy!



Elevate your finances through elevating your mindset.

You ready to have


Break through limitations by gaining the skills to stay motivated and focused in the face of adversity. Learn tactics to create, inspire, connect with others & master self.


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We provide high quality services


If we had to describe ourselves it would be average and ordinary individuals that simply have above average goals and dreams. We are athletes by nature but went to school to learn how to be a boss. Once we realized the objectives for most schools are to keep us in the game rather than showing us how to run it, we quickly dropped out and took business manners into our own hands. We want to be a resource for people to learn beneficial finance principles that can be used to create wealth. It's safe to say that we teach things that schools don't. In short, we are two Young Kings that took a route less common in order to achieve a lifestyle most won't recognize.


 Welcome in advance for everyone who takes advantage of our well rounded community, products, and services! See you guys at the top cause the bottom is simply way too crowded!


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We provide high quality services