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Forex & Futures Trading + Credit Growth Strategies

Immerse yourself in the abundant financial capabilities within Foreign Exchange & Futures Market! Here you'll learn beginner to advanced level trading concepts, winning strategies, and back testing tips to help you master the markets.We also included our DIY Credit Growth Course to ensure you have a well-rounded understanding of the financial landscape of having great credit!(Included w/ "MBW Trading Course").💻

Live Trading & Signals

Learn and earn along side our experienced traders! We take the time to trade live with you 3 days out of the week and answer questions to curious members. Signals are also provided when trades are executed outside our 9AM-11AM EST trading session!This is an opportunity to earn when we earn, execute when we execute, and win when we win. You will be fully engaged with our active trading community here!(Included w/ "MBW Tribe of Traders Group").💳

Trading Course + Live Session & Signals + Sports Betting

We open doors for aspiring and experienced talents in marketing, editing, sales, copywriting, public speakers, and even traders to not only learn from our experts, but to also acquire a new skill that suits your purpose. These skills are all online based money making opportunities!If you like everything you see here you can get a bundle of a lifetime with this one time payment! We even include access to our sports betting community!(Included in Each Package Listed Below).💼

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Meet The Founders

CJ Brown: Founder

I grew up playing basketball all my life. It wasn't until I turned 18 when I got my first job. After getting laid off because of a world-wide lockdown in 2020, it was then that I discovered myself. Now most people may have thought I would've said day trading... I discovered that too around that time however, the number one thing that I now teach that helped me become a profitable trader is the realization that my inner world is what creates my outer world.Now being 4 years into my trading journey, I have not only gained a life changing stream of income, but I have also been able to travel & work on my spiritual life, reprogram my subconscious thoughts, and develop a foundation of knowledge of self.I have been a public figure and inspiration for thousands of young individuals who look how I look, like what I like, and think how I think. I hope to continue to be this inspiration by suggesting the next high level thinker reading this to join MBW Academy and surround yourself around like minded Kings and Queens on our path to financial sovereignty!

Josh Balmains: Founder

If I had to describe myself it I would say I'm an average and ordinary individual that simply has above average goals and dreams. I am an athlete by nature but went to school to learn how to be a boss. Once I realized the objectives for most schools are to keep us in the game rather than showing us how to run it, I quickly dropped out and took business manners into my own hands.I want MBW to be a source for people to learn beneficial finance principles that can be used to create wealth. It's safe to say that we teach things that schools don't. In short, we are two Young Gods that took a route less common in order to achieve a lifestyle most won't recognize.Welcome in advance for everyone who takes advantage of our well rounded community, products, and services! See you guys at the top cause the bottom is simply way too crowded!

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